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About us
find, what you really want

About us

What is takethechance?

Although every human is unique we are fundamentally searching for all these three things: the love of our life, someone to have fun with or friends.

takethechance is an online platform that gives you the perfect chance to find the love of your life, people to have fun with or new friends. With the aid from previous installed settings you are able to look for people with the same interests near your area. In real life you know within the first few seconds if a person is appealing to you or not. The first impression counts!

takethechance is in this case the reality of the first meeting combined as a website and app.

What are the further advantages for takethechance users?

  • Specific search for own interests like "relationship", "fun" and "friendship".

  • A match only arises when you and your counterpart have the same interests. In this case you both like each other’s appearance and plus you are both having the same intentions.

  • You are able to decide how long other users can see your user profile. On the other hand the other users can decide how long you can see their profiles. Because of these settings the result will not be adulterated.

  • Setting: Ideas for a possible meeting:
    You are able to see what your match would prefer to do at your fist date. While chatting you can talk directly about your plans and ideas.

  • Guaranteed privacy and a high level of anonymity during your search:
    Other users can only see your profile picture. There are no information about your name, age, etc. This setting shows the connection to reality, if you meet somebody for the first time the first impression counts.

  • Free usage :
    The app and the website are for free and include all special features, there are no hidden costs.

  • Unlimited "likes":
    There are no limits, 24 hours a day you can find what you really want.

  • Facebook and e-mail login:
    You can use facebook to login, if you do not have a facebook account you can register with your e-mail account.

  • Unlimited usage:
    Wheather app, website, tablet, smartwatch or via chromecast you can use takethechance everywhere and everytime.

Who is behind takethechance and what is their motivation?

takethechance is an Austrian startup company. The goal of the founders is to help you to fulfil your personal needs. The focus in that case is to simplify the search for love with including reality in the app. The company was founded in 2014 by three entrepreneurs and is located in Austria. The firm offers services all over the world. You should be able to find your perfect counterpart, someone who is looking for the same things as you do. takethechance helps you to succeed without any detours and guarantees to protect the user’s privacy. takethechance helps you to save precious time in your real life. It’s easy to sing up and even easy to use. takethechance - for the important things in life.

Do you want to get more information about takethechance?

Take a look at our image video and explanation video (only in german language).


If you have any further questions or if you need a more detailed description for certain features have a look at our help page.

Furthermore you can contact us every time via e-mail: We are looking forward to your messages and try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

We wish you a lot of fun and success with your search – take the chance!

Your takethechance team